Aspen Associates LLC Builds Award-Winning Pool

Aspen Associates LLC is a design-construction firm located in New Jersey. The company was founded by Michael Dommenge, who developed a reputation as a world-class problem solver and was known for never turning down a challenge. When he decided to create Aspen Associates LLC in 2000, his reputation for meeting challenges and solving problems was transferred to the company.

Aspen Associates LLC has done its own share of problem solving. During every construction project, there are small matters that arise and which need attending to. However, one of Aspen Associates LLC’s greatest moments came when a wealthy industrialist requested a project that  promised to be challenge from the beginning to end. Aspen Associates LLC was hired to build an indoor pool covered by a glass pyramid – one-third the size of the glass pyramid at the Louvre.

Aspen Associates LLC accepted the project because the founder enjoys meeting challenges, but also because of the company’s “consider it done” approach to business. At Aspen Associates LLC, the goal is perfection and excellence is the bare minimum. While the project was complex, Aspen Associates LLC lived up to its reputation for constructing “grand vision” projects.

Many clients trust Aspen Associates LLC to build things other design-construction firms cannot. President of Aspen Associates LLC Michael Dommenge developed a reputation for problem solving years ago, and his skills were called upon by many household names. The retail chain Mervyn’s once contacted Aspen Associates LLC’s founder when they had arranged for the pick-up and shipment of 120 oversized armoires. After several armoires were dropped and damaged, Michael Dommenge was called to find a solution. It took him 30 minutes to find a solution, and the remaining armoires were delivered undamaged in four days. This is just one example of how major retail chains and corporate executives have relied on Aspen Associates LLC’s founder to find a solution where others could not.


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