Aspen Associates LLC Builds Award-Winning Pool

Architecture has the power to inspire millions. The world over, people have been drawn to Paris. The city has been known for both its positive and negative attributes. However misplaced a giant glass pyramid in Paris may seem, people are drawn to the blending of an old concept (pyramids) with the futuristic look of glass and steel. One particular industrialist in the United States was so inspired, he turned to Aspen Associates LLC to build his own glass pyramid to cover an indoor pool.

Aspen Associates LLC is the creation of Michael Dommenge, a man known for his problem-solving skills and reputation for never turning down a challenge. Aspen Associates LLC agreed to the design and construction of the project, in line with their “consider it done” approach to business. Before Aspen Associates LLC could begin the glass pyramid’s construction, demolition of the client’s pre-existing terrace had to be completed.

After completion of the glass pyramid, Aspen Associates LLC’s owner acknowledged that a similarly complex and costly project may never be equaled in his lifetime. However, as someone who loves a challenge and is known for finding solutions where others see none, Aspen Associates LLC will surely agree to any future projects of equal or greater demand.

In 2011, the pool with the pyramid won international awards for the pool builders. Awards were won from B&B Pool and Spa Center, the Northeast Pool and Spa Professionals Association, the Association of Pool and Spa Builders, and the Global Aquatekture Visionary Awards. In 2011, the pool was named NESPA’s Best of Show and won a gold award from the Association of Pool and Spa Builders. Aspen Associates LLC’s glass pyramid pool was truly unique, and the project included further landscaping and decorative fountains. Now, Aspen Associates LLC is waiting until another client needs a renovation, an addition, or other uniquely inspired projects completed.


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