Aspen Associates LLC Builds Award-Winning Pool

Aspen Associates LLC was founded by Michael Dommenge, who started his professional career as a project manager. The president and founder began as a construction manager for a national retailer. It was his responsibility to negotiate hundreds of retail leases in malls across the United States. In total, he oversaw the construction of over 250 stores nationwide. This gave Aspen Associates LLC’s president Michael Dommenge the skills as a project manager that would make him a brilliant business owner later.

Aspen Associates LLC’s president worked at a corporate level for many years, and was responsible for managing the maintenance and repairs for The Limited. He managed the repairs for 600 stores. Recognizing it as a business opportunity, Aspen Associates LLC’s founder created KLS Retail Services, which employed 550 independent contractors. Under his supervision, the repair contractors worked across the nation, which gave birth to today’s handyman industry.

Michael Dommenge became known as a problem-solver. This is another skill that benefits him as the project manager and founder of Aspen Associates LLC. One of the fundamental moments that demonstrated his skill in problem-solving was when he was contacted by Mervyn’s, because the retail chain had a problem with delivery drivers dropping armoires. Aspen Associates LLC’s president devised a solution in half an hour. Four days later, every one of Mervyn’s remaining armoires had been delivered successfully.

A reputation for problem-solving led Michael Dommenge to found Aspen Associates LLC. The company had the goal to complete “grand vision” projects. Aspen Associates LLC would be able to complete projects other design-build firms would be unable to complete. Catering to the needs of demanding and wealthy clients, Aspen Associates LLC is geared towards large, luxurious, and complex projects. So far, Aspen Associates LLC’s most complex project has been an indoor pool with a glass pyramid cover.


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