Aspen Associates LLC Builds Award-Winning Pool

Some clients want to be involved in every moment of their construction project while others want to describe the finished product, and leave the detailed work and project management to someone else. For clients who have a construction project planned but want someone else to manage the project, their best strategy is to hire Aspen Associates LLC.

Aspen Associates LLC maximizes client experience by minimizing points of contact. Clients meet only with Aspen Associates LLC’s president, who possesses years of executive experience in construction and design. After converting the client’s vision into a detailed design plan, Aspen Associates LLC’s president finds out how involved the client want to be. If his client does not want to be bothered with the particulars of their construction project, President Michael Dommenge does all of the required decision making.

Aspen Associates LLC’s president has over 30 years of experience in problem solving. Once he knows what it is his client wants, he meets with necessary attorneys and planning boards. While these meetings are conducted in the suit and ties most professionals are familiar with, Aspen Associates LLC’s president shows up on the construction site in jeans and a hardhat, in order to coordinate the company’s trusted subcontractors.

As the single point of contact, clients call the president of Aspen Associates LLC with both large and small requests. Aspen Associates LLC is familiar with clients requesting changes in the middle of a construction project, so the company is ready to retool their design as needed. The company was designed to be flexible.

Many clients have trusted their projects to Aspen Associates LLC. Their construction projects are often expensive and complex. Aspen Associates LLC caters to high-demand customers by minimizing how involved they need to be, while making it easy to contact the company’s president whenever they want.


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