Aspen Associates LLC Builds Award-Winning Pool

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Award Winning Pool Built by Aspen Associates LLC

Aspen Associates LLC is a design and construction firm based in Ramsey, New Jersey. The company was founded by Michael Dommenge, who spent many years problem solving for many big name businesses and corporate leaders. Aspen Associates LLC was created as a design-construction company to complete construction models of high-demand and wealthy clients.

Before the company was a decade old, Aspen Associates LLC was contracted to construct a glass pyramid similar to one outside the Louvre in Paris. The pyramid would cover an indoor pool and was the vision of a wealthy industrialist. It was in 2007 that plans for the glass pyramid pool began.

After the pool was completed, many were drawn to its beauty. Aspen Associates LLC’s pyramid won international awards for the pool builders B&B Pool and Spa Center. The pool won the 2011 Best of Show award from the Northeastern Pool and Spa Professional Association and won a gold award in the Association of Pool and Spa Builders’ annual competition. Aspen Associates LLC’s glass pyramid also won the silver award from the Global AquaTekture Visionary Awards.

Aspen Associates LLC is proud to have been a part of such an award-winning project. Aspen Associates LLC is hired by many clients looking to find a company willing to take on a challenging project. The company’s owner does not turn down a challenge but is eager to prove he can find a solution for any construction design project. Part of the business’s model is the acceptance of only one project at a time. This allows clients to have full access to Aspen Associates LLC’s founder. It is the founder and president Michael Dommenge who works as project manager and deals with decision making at all levels of project development. Aspen Associates LLC hopes to one day have another project as challenging as the glass pyramid pool.


Louvre Pyramid Inspires Aspen Associates LLC’s Pool Design

Art often inspires other art, and this could not have been truer in the following case: Aspen Associates LLC was contracted to design and build a unique, pyramid covered pool in 2007. Aspen Associates LLC was designed for the purpose of carrying out the visionary construction projects thought up by wealthy clients. Aspen Associates LLC’s business model is to take a “consider it done” approach to client demands. When Aspen Associates LLC was contacted about the project, the company jumped on the opportunity.

Aspen Associates LLC knew the project would be complex. The glass pyramid was inspired by the glass pyramid that sits outside of the Louvre in Paris. Of course, it’s worth mentioning that the glass pyramid outside of the Louvre was also inspired by another pyramid – the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt. While Aspen Associates LLC’s project would continue the tradition of pyramid building, the company would be constructing only the second known pyramid made from glass.

The glass pyramid designed and constructed by Aspen Associates LLC is an impressive structure. One-third the size of the Louvre’s glass pyramid, the glass pyramid pool presented its own challenges, weighing 18 tons. From inside the pyramid, the client and guests can swim while looking up at the sky.

Aspen Associates LLC will only turn away a project if they are actively working on another. The company puts all their focus into one project at a time, so that high-demand clients can have full access to the company’s president and founder. Aspen Associates LLC’s president manages all details of every project, and is the single point of contact for the client.

Aspen Associates LLC’s business approach streamlines the construction process and minimizes cost to their clients. The business’s model also eliminates the need to bother clients with details they may not care about.